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React applications

React Pinpoint helps developers locate performance bottlenecks on their React components.



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React Pinpoint is built from the ground up by passionate developers, curated to combat pain points for React developers.

  • Extract React Fiber Data

    React Pinpoint hooks into React Fiber architecture to help you analyze performance of individual fibers. React Fiber is the internal data structure that React uses to reconcile before updating the DOM.

  • Serialization

    React Pinpoint gives you access to serialized data that you can use in the development of other tools and workflows such as custom Chrome extensions, data analysis, visualization, and time-travel debugging. React Pinpoint preserves the original structure of React Fiber in a one-dimensional array and allows you to reconstruct structure when needed.

  • Automated Testing

    React Pinpoint provides automated testing against your code. You can optionally opt in to run your tests. This will increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve the quality of your application.

  • Identify State Changes

    With React Pinpoint, you can see exactly what has changed every time React Fiber commits or renders, allowing you to see how performant they are, helping you develop better React code.

Your Components, Visualized

React Pinpoint color codes all your React components based on their render time, allowing you to pinpoint exactly which components are unperformant.

Tree of React Components

Simple and Unobtrusive

Add just a few lines of code to start capturing performance in real-time. React Pinpoint is highly performant and should not cause performance issues within your existing app.

Code Snippet of React Pinpoint

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